Andy Botwin quotes, Sophocles and Alexander

In the last episode of humorous TV drama Weeds, my favorite character, the charming fuckup Andy Botwin (fantastically portrayed by Justin Kirk) held a wonderfully gloomy monolog on top of a roof: I want you to stop, turn around, and walk away! There’s nothing inside, for we are dying meat! We’re meat, and we’re un-special, […]

I’m Still Here – Joaquin Phoenix’s media hoax?

Joaquin Phoenix’s supposed retirement from a career as an acclaimed and successful actor, in order to pursue rapping has intrigued, perplexed, amused and to some extent inspired me for almost two years now (if you haven’t seen his bizarre appearance on Letterman, you should). Casey Affleck has made a documentary on Phoenix’s transition, and I […]

Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow: “What does this mean?!”

Wonderful, surreal, hilarious: this guy really loves rainbows (or life, or both). His epically intense enthusiasm sparked by the beautiful phenomenons of nature somehow reminds me of Will Ferrell. Check out the “full-on double rainbow all the way across the sky” in the video above. “There’s a lesson here: Look at everything with a child-like sense of wonder, […]