Andy Botwin quotes, Sophocles and Alexander

In the last episode of humorous TV drama Weeds, my favorite character, the charming fuckup Andy Botwin (fantastically portrayed by Justin Kirk) held a wonderfully gloomy monolog on top of a roof:

I want you to stop, turn around, and walk away! There’s nothing inside, for we are dying meat! We’re meat, and we’re un-special, and no one remembers us, and we’re utterly alone! So do yourself a favor and walk away!

There’s no plan! There’s nothing but randomness and chaos and entropy and a slow, certain decomposition of everything you are and everyone you’ve ever loved into their tiny, friendless, meaty little components. Hey, did you get that, man?! I’m really serious.

Speaking of quotes, I recently watched the slightly unnerving Match Point again for the first time since 2005. It’s apparently Woody Allen’s own favorite film of his and I enjoy it as well. In the sequence where the story’s protagonist/antagonist Chris Wilton talks to the people he has killed, he drops a dark and memorable quote.

Sophocles said: ‘To never have been born may be the greatest boon of all.’

Here’s another discovery made through moving pictures; an excellent song by Alexander Ebert.