John Frusciante’s new EP Letur Lefr is out


Say what you want, but I have respect for John Frusciante as a musician, songwriter and a human being. Frusciante has been to hell and back and he has inspired me at times, particularly when I was younger. Over the years, he has eloquently written about his songwriting and his views on music. He has interesting things to say.

His solo records aren’t very accessible and they won’t appeal to everyone, but I adore some of Frusciante’s melodies. When he played guitar solos live in the 90s, he often told beautiful stories with melodies instead of playing technically difficult stuff.

I listened to Frusciante’s brand new EP Letur Lefr yesterday and I really enjoyed parts of it (the first two songs stand out). I’m also moving away from a guitar heavy sound and I want to make more electronic music now. Here are a few quotes from a post on his website.

I found that the languages machines forced programmers to think in had caused them to discover a new musical vocabulary. The various forms of electronically generated music, particularly in the last 22 years, have introduced many new principles of rhythm, melody, and harmony. I would learn what someone had programmed but their thought process eluded me.

I was obsessed with music where machine intelligence and human intelligence seemed to be bouncing off one another, each expanding with the incorporation of what it received from the other.

Because I was so much more developed as a rock musician, rock’s characteristics and rules would have dominated, thereby slowing down the rate at which I was discovering new things. To be clear, when I say rules, I mean the underlying principles and abstract phenomena which define a particular style, marking its boundaries and limits, within which exists an area proven to be worthy of human creative investigation.

I continued to write songs, but only when I had to out of necessity, because something had to be expressed that way. I no longer looked at songwriting as a craft to prolifically hone, as I had for so long. In these recent years, it is just something that happens sometimes, a natural thing, like breathing.