Andy Botwin quotes, Sophocles and Alexander

In the last episode of humorous TV drama Weeds, my favorite character, the charming fuckup Andy Botwin (fantastically portrayed by Justin Kirk) held a wonderfully gloomy monolog on top of a roof: I want you to stop, turn around, and walk away! There’s nothing inside, for we are dying meat! We’re meat, and we’re un-special, […]

Thank God for gangsta rap

What’s the best type of music to ease a broken heart? Acoustic singer-songwriters, indie pop, emo, sadcore, 80s goth, dream pop? Hell no, none of that shit. It’s aggressive and boastful gangsta rap from the late 80s and early 90s. I haven’t been able to listen to a certain kind of emotional music, with yearning […]

Pomplamoose – YouTube’s most charming duo?

In August last year, I discovered Pomplamoose on YouTube. Their stuff is uplifting and really charming. I love the energy and playfulness of Jack (the bearded dude with the receding hairline). I found Pomplamoose around the first time things went haywire between my ex-girlfriend and I and their music cheered me up then. Here are […]

Iggy Pop biography: Open Up and Bleed by Paul Trynka

I finished reading the Iggy Pop biography Open Up and Bleed by Paul Trynka some time ago. An interesting read, and it covers most of the Godfather of Punk’s life, music, triumphs and misadventures — but how can a book about Iggy fail to mention his superb and slightly surreal performance in Jim Jarmusch’s stylish […]

The music video for MGMT’s Time to Pretend, inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky

I recently read a news item in DN – one of Sweden’s finest morning papers, about a young up-and-coming director called Ray Tintori. He had apparently made a couple of original, colorful and psychedelic music videos for the band MGMT. One of them, Time to Pretend, had references to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s (who influenced David Lynch […]