A bit of coding nostalgia


In my teens and early twenties, I made a living (besides going to school) as a software developer. Today, an old friend of mine sent me two quite fierce little computer games we made together for fun back in the late 90s: I did the programming and he did the artwork. I had lost both the source code and the compiled executables many years ago. The first game had the laconic and sarcastic description “For Windows, great pointless violence”. The follow up had the equally ironic tagline “The sequel that is worse than its predecessor”.

It was of course a nostalgic experience to play these games again, and what struck me the most was the humour and irony we apparently tried to incorporate into them. Like this part from the accompanying ReadMe.txt-file:

“The developers of this game are too embarrassed to give you their home address. We would like to remain anonymous. If the game is an unexpected hit, or in case you would like to send us your money to support this possibly incredible game, we will consider it.”