A northward walk along the coast

A northward walk along the coast

Whenever I move to a new place, one of my favorite pastimes is to just walk around and discover my surroundings. It’s a great way of getting to know an area and I usually pick a new direction and walk for an hour or so. So far, Torrevieja has been one of the most interesting places for these types of strolls.

Another great place to walk around in is Amsterdam. I lived there with a friend for a brief time when I was very young compared to now. We used to walk for hours and look at the city. For some reason, we hardly ever got tired.


On the 28th of December, I decided to discover the northern part of Torrevieja. I went down to the Mediterranean Sea 200 meters away from my apartment and started walking in a northern direction along the coast. I eventually found a beautiful, gigantic beach that stretched for several kilometers.

I decided to see what was on the other side of it and discovered an even greater beach, close to Laguna Salada de la Mata (one of the two salt lakes behind Torrevieja). On the opposite side of the bay, many kilometers away, I could hint the city of Santa Pola. On my way back, to my surprise I got stopped and quite aggressively interrogated by two Spanish policemen.


I captured a photo of a house that I thought was beautiful. They saw me taking the picture from a distance and rolled up in their police car. The police officers sternly asked me if I spoke Spanish, what I was doing in Spain, where I lived and they said that they needed to see my ID. I didn’t carry it with me, which according to them was against the law and the cops asked why I was “taking a photo of that car.”

At this point, they were starting to annoy me a little bit. When they noticed that I was becoming somewhat frustrated, one of the cops smiled and said it was alright. I guess they were just busting my chops a bit. All in all, it was an unusual and pretty exhilarating experience.