Demo of the iOS app Action Movie FX by Bad Robot

Bad Robot logo
I make a living writing about mobile technology and for reasons I won’t bother you with here, I’ve avoided all Apple products out of principle. Android has been my favorite platform for almost five years now. However, I’m interested in all mobile operating systems and a couple of months ago I wanted to fully explore another platform and ecosystem. I hoped that Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS had matured enough to be a viable option and I got the Windows Phone 8 device HTC 8X on the day of its release.

I love the minimalist design in Windows Phone, its original UI and excellent typography. The system has a few interesting solutions, but it’s very limited compared to Android. And it basically has no ecosystem and no Google support. Windows Phone lacked nearly all my favorite apps and the few titles it did have, such as the official IMDb client, were horrible. The ecosystem felt kind of tragic and I returned the HTC 8X within 24 hours.

Dismissing Windows Phone 8 didn’t leave me much option if I wanted to explore another mobile ecosystem: I had to join the Dark Side and get an iOS device. So against my better judgment, I bought an iPhone 5 here in Spain. It is of course a polished operating system (although I find Apple’s own design tacky) and iOS is naturally a far more complete OS than Windows Phone 8 – mainly because of the apps.

I think I downloaded more great iOS apps the first two days than the entire number of great apps in the Windows Phone app market. Everything is so locked down, though, and the customization options and the communication and sharing possibilities between apps are so limited that I almost get claustrophobia using iOS from time to time.

Okay, so this was making a short story very long. I actually just wanted to share a demo of one of the iOS apps I’ve been playing around with: Action Movie FX by Lost creator J. J. Abrams’ production company Bad Robot. It’s a pretty silly little app, but it’s free and works surprisingly well. Action Movie FX lets you add action special effects to a movie clip you’ve recorded with your iPhone’s camera. That’s it basically, but it’s fun to play around with. I recorded the clips in the video above in Torrevieja, Spain while testing the app.

Demo of the iOS app Action Movie FX by Bad Robot