The serene sunsets of Torrevieja, Spain

The serene sunsets of Torrevieja, Spain

Even though I had read weather reports before I moved, I was surprised by how warm the Spanish winters are near the Mediterranean Sea. It’s usually around 19 – 22 degrees Celsius in the shadow (70 degrees Fahrenheit) here in Torrevieja. The weird part is that the sun always shines and it never seems to rain. I haven’t seen a raindrop in 43 days.


Sweden is a great country, but for around five months every year, the climate is so cold and dark and gloomy that I feel like hibernating. Sometimes you don’t even see the sun for weeks. A couple of thousand years ago, the civilizations in Southern Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea were far more advanced than those in the Nordics.

One obvious reason is the geographical location and proximity to the ocean and other continents. Another contributing factor is that people in Scandinavia were busy trying to stay alive during the winters, fighting the climate. Not only is there an extra three hours of daylight here every day compared to Sweden: it’s always more or less sunny. One evening it was quite windy, as seen in the video below (skip to the end: I get wet). I love the weather in this region, though I think it would be too hot for me here in the summer.

The vivid, beautiful and serene sunsets are definitely one of the best parts of the Mediterranean climate in Torrevieja. When I first discovered the sunsets, I was enchanted. I’m a bit used to them now but I still think they’re wonderful. I’ve tried to capture them in photos and videos, although the pictures (or perhaps more accurately my smartphone camera) don’t quite do the sunsets justice.