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A Man for All Seasons
Released: 1966
Director: Fred Zinnemann
IMDb Rating: 8
The story of Thomas More, who stood up to King Henry VIII when the King rejected the Roman Catholic Church to obtain a divorce and remarriage.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Fred Zinnemann -- The Director 59Would've been 113In 1997-03-14 (age 89)
Paul Scofield 44Would've been 99In 2008-03-19 (age 86)
Wendy Hiller 54Would've been 108In 2003-05-14 (age 90)
Leo McKern 46Would've been 100In 2002-07-23 (age 82)
Robert Shaw 39Would've been 93In 1978-08-28 (age 51)
Orson Welles 51Would've been 105In 1985-10-10 (age 70)
Susannah York 27Would've been 82In 2011-01-15 (age 72)
Nigel Davenport 3892No
John Hurt 2681No
Corin Redgrave 27Would've been 81In 2010-04-06 (age 70)
Colin Blakely 36Would've been 90In 1987-05-07 (age 56)
Cyril Luckham 59Would've been 113In 1989-02-08 (age 81)
Jack Gwillim 57Would've been 111In 2001-07-02 (age 91)
Thomas Heathcote 49Would've been 103In 1986-01-05 (age 68)
Yootha Joyce 39Would've been 93In 1980-08-24 (age 53)
Anthony Nicholls 64Would've been 118In 1977-02-22 (age 74)