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Atlantic City
Released: 1980
Director: Louis Malle
IMDb Rating: 7.5
Lou is a small time gangster, who thinks he used to be something big. He meets up with a younger girl...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Louis Malle -- The Director 48Would've been 89In 1995-11-23 (age 63)
Burt Lancaster 67Would've been 107In 1994-10-20 (age 80)
Susan Sarandon 3475No
Kate Reid 50Would've been 90In 1993-03-27 (age 62)
Michel Piccoli 5595No
Hollis McLaren Unknown--
Robert Joy 2970No
Al Waxman 45Would've been 86In 2001-01-18 (age 65)
Robert Goulet 47Would've been 87In 2007-10-30 (age 73)
Moses Znaimer Unknown--
Angus MacInnes 3374No
Sean Sullivan Unknown--
Wallace Shawn 3777No
Harvey Atkin 3878No
Norma Dell'Agnese Unknown--
Louis Del Grande Unknown--