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Bang the Drum Slowly
Released: 1973
Director: John D. Hancock
IMDb Rating: 6.8
The story of the friendship between a star pitcher, wise to the world, and a half-wit catcher, as they cope with the catcher's terminal illness through a baseball season.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
John D. Hancock -- The Director Unknown--
Robert De Niro 3077No
Michael Moriarty 3279No
Vincent Gardenia 53Would've been 100In 1992-12-09 (age 72)
Phil Foster 59Would've been 106In 1985-07-08 (age 71)
Ann Wedgeworth 3986No
Patrick McVey 63Would've been 110In 1973-07-06 (age 63)
Heather MacRae 2774No
Selma Diamond 53Would've been 100In 1985-05-13 (age 64)
Barbara Babcock 3683No
Maurice Rosenfield 59Would've been 106In 2005-10-30 (age 91)
Tom Ligon 2875No
Andy Jarrell Unknown--
Marshall Efron 3582No
Danny Burks Unknown--
Tom Signorelli 3481No