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Beverly Hills Cop
Released: 1984
Director: Martin Brest
IMDb Rating: 7.3
A freewheeling Detroit cop pursuing a murder investigation finds himself dealing with the very different culture of Beverly Hills.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Martin Brest -- The Director 3369No
Eddie Murphy 2359No
Judge Reinhold 2763No
John Ashton 3672No
Lisa Eilbacher 2864No
Ronny Cox 4682No
Steven Berkoff 4783No
James Russo 3167No
Jonathan Banks 3773No
Stephen Elliott 66Would've been 102In 2005-05-21 (age 86)
Gilbert R. Hill 5389No
Art Kimbro 2864No
Joel Bailey Unknown--
Bronson Pinchot 2561No
Paul Reiser 2763No
Michael Champion Unknown--