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Beverly Hills Cop II
Released: 1987
Director: Tony Scott
IMDb Rating: 6.2
Axel Foley returns to Beverly Hills to help Taggart and Rosewood investigate Chief Bogamil's near-fatal shooting and the series of "alphabet crimes" associated with it.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Tony Scott -- The Director 43Would've been 76In 2012-08-19 (age 68)
Eddie Murphy 2659No
Judge Reinhold 3063No
Jürgen Prochnow Unknown--
Ronny Cox 4982No
John Ashton 3972No
Brigitte Nielsen 2457No
Allen Garfield 4881No
Dean Stockwell 5184No
Paul Reiser 3063No
Gilbert R. Hill 5689No
Paul Guilfoyle 3871No
Robert Ridgely 56Would've been 88In 1997-02-08 (age 65)
Brian O'Connor 3467No
Alice Adair Unknown--
Eugene Butler Unknown--