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Released: 1984
Director: Alan Parker
IMDb Rating: 7.1
After two friends return home from the Vietnam War one becomes mentally unstable and obsesses with becoming a bird.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Alan Parker -- The Director 4077No
Matthew Modine 2562No
Nicolas Cage 2057No
John Harkins 52Would've been 88In 1999-03-05 (age 66)
Sandy Baron 47Would've been 83In 2001-01-21 (age 63)
Karen Young 2662No
Bruno Kirby 35Would've been 71In 2006-08-14 (age 57)
Nancy Fish 4683No
George Buck Unknown--
Dolores Sage Unknown--
Pat Ryan 38Would've been 74In 1991-03-22 (age 44)
James Santini Unknown--
Maud Winchester Unknown--
Marshall Bell 4278No
Elizabeth Whitcraft Unknown--
Sandra Beall Unknown--