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Broadway to Hollywood
Released: 1933
Director: Willard Mack
IMDb Rating: 5.7
Ted and Lulu Hackett are vaudeville's The Hacketts, a fairly successful song-and-dance team. They bring their son Ted Jr...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Willard Mack -- The Director 60Would've been 146In 1964-03-13 (age 90)
Alice Brady 41Would've been 127In 1939-10-28 (age 46)
Frank Morgan 43Would've been 129In 1949-09-18 (age 59)
Jackie Cooper 11Would've been 97In 2011-05-03 (age 88)
Russell Hardie 29Would've been 115In 1973-07-21 (age 69)
Madge Evans 24Would've been 110In 1981-04-26 (age 71)
Mickey Rooney 1399No
Eddie Quillan 26Would've been 113In 1990-07-19 (age 83)
Jimmy Durante 40Would've been 127In 1980-01-29 (age 86)
Fay Templeton 68Would've been 154In 1939-10-03 (age 73)
May Robson 75Would've been 162In 1942-10-20 (age 84)
Albertina Rasch Dancers Unknown--