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Released: 2009
Director: Kyle Newman
IMDb Rating: 6.6
"Star Wars" fanatics take a cross-country trip to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch so their dying friend can see a screening of before its release.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Kyle Newman -- The Director 3345No
Sam Huntington 2739No
Chris Marquette 2537No
Dan Fogler 3345No
Jay Baruchel 2739No
Kristen Bell 2941No
David Denman 3648No
Christopher McDonald 5466No
Charlie B. Brown Unknown--
Isaac Kappy Unknown--
Stephen Pina Unknown--
Seth Rogen 2739No
Thom Bishops 3143No
Clark Sanchez Unknown--
Stanley Shunkamolah Unknown--
Danny Trejo 6577No