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Finding Neverland
Released: 2004
Director: Marc Forster
IMDb Rating: 7.8
The story of 's friendship with a family who inspired him to create Peter Pan.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Marc Forster -- The Director 3550No
Johnny Depp 4156No
Kate Winslet 2944No
Julie Christie 6379No
Radha Mitchell 3146No
Dustin Hoffman 6782No
Freddie Highmore 1228No
Joe Prospero 1631No
Nick Roud 1530No
Luke Spill Unknown--
Ian Hart 4055No
Kelly Macdonald 2844No
Mackenzie Crook 3348No
Eileen Essell 8297No
Jimmy Gardner 80Would've been 95In 2010-05-03 (age 85)
Oliver Fox Unknown--