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Freaky Friday
Released: 2003
Director: Mark Waters
IMDb Rating: 6.2
An overworked mother and her daughter do not get along. When they switch bodies, each is forced to adapt to the others life for one freaky Friday.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Mark Waters -- The Director 3956No
Jamie Lee Curtis 4561No
Lindsay Lohan 1734No
Mark Harmon 5268No
Harold Gould 80Would've been 96In 2010-09-11 (age 86)
Chad Michael Murray 2238No
Stephen Tobolowsky 5269No
Christina Vidal 2238No
Ryan Malgarini 1128No
Haley Hudson 1734No
Rosalind Chao 4662No
Lucille Soong 6581No
Willie Garson 3956No
Dina Waters 3854No
Julie Gonzalo 2238No
Christina Marie Walter 2340No