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Great Expectations
Released: 1946
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
IMDb Rating: 8
A humble orphan suddenly becomes a gentleman with the help of an unknown benefactor.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Alfonso Cuarón -- The Director Unknown--
David Lean 38Would've been 112In 1991-04-16 (age 83)
Ethan Hawke -2449No
John Mills 38Would've been 112In 2005-04-23 (age 97)
Gwyneth Paltrow -2647No
Tony Wager Unknown--
Valerie Hobson 29Would've been 103In 1998-11-13 (age 81)
Hank Azaria -1856No
Jean Simmons 17Would've been 91In 2010-01-22 (age 81)
Chris Cooper -568No
Anne Bancroft 15Would've been 88In 2005-06-06 (age 73)
Bernard Miles Unknown--
Robert De Niro 376No
Francis L. Sullivan 43Would've been 117In 1956-11-19 (age 53)
Josh Mostel 073No
Finlay Currie 68Would've been 142In 1968-05-09 (age 90)
Martita Hunt Unknown--
Kim Dickens -1955No
Alec Guinness 32Would've been 106In 2000-08-05 (age 86)
Nell Campbell -767No
Gabriel Mann -2648No
Ivor Barnard 59Would've been 133In 1953-06-30 (age 66)
Jeremy James Kissner -3935No
Freda Jackson 39Would've been 112In 1990-10-20 (age 82)
Raquel Beaudene -4033No
Eileen Erskine Unknown--
George Hayes Unknown--
Stephen Spinella -1063No
Hay Petrie 51Would've been 124In 1948-07-30 (age 53)
Marla Sucharetza -1955No
Isabelle Anderson Unknown--
John Forrest Unknown--