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Harsh Times
Released: 2005
Director: David Ayer
IMDb Rating: 6.9
A tough-minded drama about two friends in South Central Los Angeles and the violence that comes between them.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
David Ayer -- The Director 3752No
Christian Bale 3146No
Freddy Rodríguez 3045No
Eva Longoria 3045No
Chaka Forman Unknown--
Tammy Trull Unknown--
J.K. Simmons 5065No
Michael Monks Unknown--
Samantha Esteban 2640No
Tania Verafield Unknown--
Noel Gugliemi Unknown--
Adriana Millan Unknown--
Geo Corvera 2842No
Cesar Garcia Unknown--
Terry Crews 3751No
Emilio Rivera 4459No