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I Like It That Way
Released: 1934
Director: Harry Lachman
IMDb Rating: 0
A telephone operator gives up her job to try to be a nightclub singer.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Harry Lachman -- The Director 48Would've been 133In 1975-03-19 (age 88)
Gloria Stuart 24Would've been 109In 2010-09-26 (age 100)
Roger Pryor 33Would've been 118In 1974-01-31 (age 72)
Marian Marsh 21Would've been 106In 2006-11-09 (age 93)
Shirley Grey 32Would've been 118In 1981-08-12 (age 79)
Onslow Stevens 32Would've been 118In 1977-01-05 (age 74)
Lucile Gleason 46Would've been 132In 1947-05-18 (age 59)
Noel Madison 37Would've been 123In 1975-01-06 (age 77)
Gloria Shea 24Would've been 109In 1995-02-08 (age 84)
Mae Busch 43Would've been 128In 1946-04-19 (age 54)
Merna Kennedy 26Would've been 111In 1944-12-20 (age 36)
Mickey Rooney 1499No
Clarence Wilson 58Would've been 143In 1941-10-05 (age 64)
Eddie Gribbon 44Would've been 130In 1965-09-28 (age 75)
Virginia Sale 35Would've been 120In 1992-08-23 (age 93)
John Darrow 27Would've been 112In 1980-02-24 (age 72)