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Little Lord Fauntleroy
Released: 1980
Director: Jack Gold
IMDb Rating: 7.4
Ceddie, Earl of Dorincourt's only grandson and heir lives in America with his mother. The Earl, getting old, asks them to come to England. Ceddie, now Lord Fauntleroy, is an adorable little...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Jack Gold -- The Director 50Would've been 89In 2015-08-09 (age 85)
John Cromwell 93Would've been 132In 1979-09-26 (age 91)
Freddie Bartholomew 56Would've been 96In 1992-01-23 (age 67)
Ricky Schroder 1050No
Alec Guinness 66Would've been 106In 2000-08-05 (age 86)
Dolores Costello 77Would've been 116In 1979-03-01 (age 75)
C. Aubrey Smith 117Would've been 156In 1948-12-20 (age 85)
Eric Porter 52Would've been 92In 1995-05-15 (age 67)
Colin Blakely 50Would've been 89In 1987-05-07 (age 56)
Guy Kibbee 98Would've been 138In 1956-05-24 (age 74)
Henry Stephenson 109Would've been 149In 1956-04-24 (age 85)
Mickey Rooney 6099No
Constance Collier 102Would've been 142In 1955-04-25 (age 77)
E.E. Clive 97Would've been 136In 1940-06-06 (age 56)
Una O'Connor 100Would've been 139In 1959-02-04 (age 78)
Jackie Searl 59Would've been 98In 1991-04-29 (age 69)
Jessie Ralph 116Would've been 155In 1944-05-30 (age 79)
Ivan F. Simpson 105Would've been 145In 1951-10-12 (age 76)
Helen Flint 82Would've been 122In 1967-09-09 (age 69)
Eric Alden 72Would've been 111In 1962-02-28 (age 53)
May Beatty 100Would've been 139In 1945-04-01 (age 64)