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Man of the Year
Released: 2006
Director: Barry Levinson
IMDb Rating: 6.1
A comedian who hosts a news satire program decides to run for president, and a computerized voting machine malfunction gets him elected.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Barry Levinson -- The Director 6479No
Robin Williams 55Would've been 70In 2014-08-11 (age 63)
Christopher Walken 6378No
Laura Linney 4257No
Lewis Black 5872No
Jeff Goldblum 5468No
David Alpay 2640No
Faith Daniels 4964No
Tina Fey 3651No
Amy Poehler 3549No
Doug Murray Unknown--
Chris Matthews 6175No
James Carville 6276No
Cathleen Crier Unknown--
Rick Roberts 4155No
Karen Hines Unknown--