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Modern Times
Released: 1936
Director: Charles Chaplin
IMDb Rating: 8.6
The Tramp struggles to live in modern industrial society with the help of a young homeless woman.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Charles Chaplin -- The Director 47Would've been 132In 1977-12-25 (age 88)
Charles Chaplin 47Would've been 132In 1977-12-25 (age 88)
Paulette Goddard 26Would've been 111In 1990-04-23 (age 79)
Henry Bergman 68Would've been 153In 1946-10-22 (age 78)
Tiny Sandford 42Would've been 127In 1961-10-29 (age 67)
Chester Conklin 50Would've been 135In 1971-10-11 (age 85)
Hank Mann 49Would've been 134In 1971-11-25 (age 84)
Stanley Blystone 42Would've been 127In 1956-07-16 (age 61)
Al Ernest Garcia 49Would've been 134In 1938-09-04 (age 51)
Richard Alexander 34Would've been 118In 1989-08-09 (age 86)
Cecil Reynolds 56Would've been 140In 1947-04-26 (age 66)
Mira McKinney 44Would've been 128In 1978-05-02 (age 85)
Murdock MacQuarrie 58Would've been 143In 1942-08-22 (age 64)
Wilfred Lucas 65Would've been 150In 1940-12-05 (age 69)
Edward LeSaint 66Would've been 150In 1940-09-10 (age 69)
Fred Malatesta 47Would've been 132In 1952-04-08 (age 63)