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Mona Lisa Smile
Released: 2003
Director: Mike Newell
IMDb Rating: 6.2
A free-thinking art professor teaches conservative 50's Wellesley girls to question their traditional societal roles.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Mike Newell -- The Director 6179No
Julia Roberts 3654No
Kirsten Dunst 2139No
Julia Stiles 2240No
Maggie Gyllenhaal 2643No
Ginnifer Goodwin 2543No
Dominic West 3452No
Juliet Stevenson 4765No
Marcia Gay Harden 4462No
John Slattery 4159No
Marian Seldes 7593No
Donna Mitchell Unknown--
Terence Rigby 66Would've been 84In 2008-08-10 (age 71)
Jennie Eisenhower 2543No
Leslie Lyles Unknown--
Laura Allen 2947No