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Nacho Libre
Released: 2006
Director: Jared Hess
IMDb Rating: 5.6
Berated all his life by those around him, a monk follows his dream and dons a mask to moonlight as a Luchador (Mexican wrestler).
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Jared Hess -- The Director 2744No
Jack Black 3754No
Ana de la Reguera 2946No
Héctor Jiménez 3349No
Darius Rose Unknown--
Moises Arias 1229No
Diego Eduardo Gomez Unknown--
Carlos Maycotte Unknown--
Richard Montoya Unknown--
Cesar Gonzalez 3855No
Rafael Montalvo Unknown--
Julio Sandoval Unknown--
Ventura 'Tigre Hispano' Lahoz Unknown--
Felipe Jesus 'Terror Chino' Hernandez Unknown--
Enrique Muñoz Unknown--
Carla Jimenez 2845No