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Released: 1995
Director: Oliver Parker
IMDb Rating: 6.8
The evil Iago pretends to be friend of Othello in order to manipulate him to serve his own end in the film version of this Shakespeare classic.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Oliver Parker -- The Director Unknown--
Laurence Fishburne 3459No
Irène Jacob 2954No
Kenneth Branagh 3560No
Nathaniel Parker 3358No
Michael Maloney 3863No
Anna Patrick Unknown--
Nicholas Farrell Unknown--
Indra Ové Unknown--
Michael Sheen 2652No
André Oumansky 6287No
Philip Locke 67Would've been 93In 2004-04-19 (age 76)
John Savident Unknown--
Gabriele Ferzetti 7096No
Pierre Vaneck 64Would've been 90In 2010-01-31 (age 78)