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Postcards from the Edge
Released: 1990
Director: Mike Nichols
IMDb Rating: 6.5
Substance-addicted Hollywood actress Suzanne Vale is on the skids. After a spell at a detox centre her...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Mike Nichols -- The Director 5988No
Meryl Streep 4171No
Shirley MacLaine 5686No
Dennis Quaid 3666No
Gene Hackman 6090No
Richard Dreyfuss 4372No
Rob Reiner 4373No
Mary Wickes 80Would've been 110In 1995-10-22 (age 85)
Conrad Bain 67Would've been 97In 2013-01-14 (age 89)
Annette Bening 3262No
Simon Callow 4171No
Gary Morton 66Would've been 95In 1999-03-30 (age 74)
CCH Pounder 3867No
Sidney Armus 66Would've been 95In 2002-06-21 (age 77)
Robin Bartlett 3969No
Barbara Garrick 2554No