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Pretty Baby
Released: 1978
Director: Louis Malle
IMDb Rating: 6.6
A teenage girl lives as a prostitute in the early decades of America, only to know her body is for bounty.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Louis Malle -- The Director 46Would've been 89In 1995-11-23 (age 63)
Brooke Shields 1356No
Keith Carradine 2972No
Susan Sarandon 3275No
Frances Faye 66Would've been 109In 1991-11-08 (age 79)
Antonio Fargas 3275No
Matthew Anton 1457No
Diana Scarwid 2366No
Barbara Steele 4184No
Seret Scott 2972No
Cheryl Markowitz Unknown--
Susan Manskey Unknown--
Laura Zimmerman Unknown--
Miz Mary Unknown--
Gerrit Graham 2972No
Mae Mercer 46Would've been 89In 2008-10-29 (age 76)