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Quest for Camelot
Released: 1998
Director: Frederik Du Chau
IMDb Rating: 5.5
An adventurous girl, a young blind hermit and a goofy two headed dragon race to find the lost sword Excalibur to save King Arthur and Camelot from disaster.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Frederik Du Chau -- The Director 3355No
Jessalyn Gilsig 2749No
Andrea Corr 2446No
Cary Elwes 3658No
Bryan White 2446No
Gary Oldman 4062No
Eric Idle 5577No
Don Rickles 7294No
Jane Seymour 4769No
Céline Dion 3052No
Pierce Brosnan 4567No
Steve Perry 4971No
Bronson Pinchot 3961No
Jaleel White 2244No
Gabriel Byrne 4870No
John Gielgud 94Would've been 116In 2000-05-21 (age 96)