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Red Dawn
Released: 1984
Director: John Milius
IMDb Rating: 6.1
It is the dawn of World War III. In mid-western America, a group of teenagers bands together to defend their town, and their country, from invading Soviet forces.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
John Milius -- The Director 4077No
Dan Bradley Unknown--
Patrick Swayze 32Would've been 68In 2009-09-14 (age 57)
Chris Hemsworth 137No
C. Thomas Howell 1854No
Josh Peck -234No
Lea Thompson 2360No
Josh Hutcherson -828No
Charlie Sheen 1955No
Adrianne Palicki Unknown--
Darren Dalton 1956No
Isabel Lucas -136No
Jennifer Grey 2461No
Connor Cruise Unknown--
Brad Savage 1955No
Edwin Hodge Unknown--
Doug Toby 2056No
Brett Cullen Unknown--
Ben Johnson 66Would've been 103In 1996-04-08 (age 77)
Alyssa Diaz Unknown--
Harry Dean Stanton 5894No
Julian Alcaraz Unknown--
Ron O'Neal 47Would've been 83In 2004-01-14 (age 66)
Will Yun Lee Unknown--
William Smith 5188No
Jeffrey Dean Morgan 1855No
Vladek Sheybal 61Would've been 98In 1992-10-16 (age 69)
Fernando Chien 1046No
Powers Boothe 3673No
Kenneth Choi Unknown--
Frank McRae 4279No
Matt Gerald Unknown--