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Short Cuts
Released: 1993
Director: Robert Altman
IMDb Rating: 7.7
The day-to-day lives of a number of suburban Los Angeles residents.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Robert Altman -- The Director 68Would've been 96In 2006-11-20 (age 81)
Andie MacDowell 3562No
Bruce Davison 4774No
Jack Lemmon 68Would've been 96In 2001-06-27 (age 76)
Zane Cassidy 936No
Julianne Moore 3360No
Matthew Modine 3461No
Anne Archer 4673No
Fred Ward 5178No
Jennifer Jason Leigh 3159No
Chris Penn 28Would've been 55In 2006-01-24 (age 40)
Joseph C. Hopkins Unknown--
Josette Maccario Unknown--
Lili Taylor 2654No
Robert Downey Jr. 2855No
Madeleine Stowe 3562No