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Spook Busters
Released: 1946
Director: William Beaudine
IMDb Rating: 6.5
The Bowery Boys--Slip, Sach, Bobby, Whitey & Chuck--start their own exterminating service, and get a job which takes them to a spooky old abandoned mansion in the middle of the night...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
William Beaudine -- The Director 54Would've been 129In 1970-03-18 (age 78)
Leo Gorcey 29Would've been 104In 1969-06-02 (age 52)
Huntz Hall 27Would've been 102In 1999-01-30 (age 79)
Douglass Dumbrille 57Would've been 131In 1974-04-02 (age 84)
Bobby Jordan 23Would've been 98In 1965-09-10 (age 42)
Gabriel Dell 27Would've been 101In 1988-07-03 (age 68)
William 'Billy' Benedict 29Would've been 104In 1999-11-25 (age 82)
David Gorcey 25Would've been 100In 1984-10-23 (age 63)
Tanis Chandler 2297No
Maurice Cass 62Would've been 136In 1954-06-08 (age 69)
Vera Lewis 73Would've been 148In 1956-02-08 (age 82)
Charles Middleton 72Would've been 146In 1949-04-22 (age 74)
Chester Clute 55Would've been 130In 1956-04-02 (age 65)
Richard Alexander 44Would've been 118In 1989-08-09 (age 86)
Bernard Gorcey 60Would've been 135In 1955-09-11 (age 69)
Charles Millsfield 70Would've been 144In 1962-09-18 (age 85)