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State Fair
Released: 1945
Director: Walter Lang
IMDb Rating: 6.9
Farm family Frake, with discontented daughter Margy, head for the Iowa State Fair. On the first day...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Walter Lang -- The Director -2054No
Jeanne Crain 20Would've been 94In 2003-12-14 (age 78)
Dana Andrews 36Would've been 111In 1992-12-17 (age 83)
Dick Haymes 27Would've been 101In 1980-03-28 (age 61)
Vivian Blaine 24Would've been 98In 1995-12-09 (age 74)
Charles Winninger 61Would've been 135In 1969-01-27 (age 84)
Fay Bainter 52Would've been 126In 1968-04-16 (age 74)
Donald Meek 67Would've been 141In 1946-11-18 (age 68)
Frank McHugh 47Would've been 121In 1981-09-11 (age 83)
Percy Kilbride 57Would've been 131In 1964-12-11 (age 76)
Harry Morgan 30Would've been 105In 2011-12-07 (age 96)
Jane Nigh 20Would've been 95In 1993-10-05 (age 68)
William Marshall 28Would've been 102In 1994-06-08 (age 76)
Phil Brown 29Would've been 104In 2006-02-09 (age 89)
Esmeralda Unknown--
Whilwind Unknown--