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Strange Wilderness
Released: 2008
Director: Fred Wolf
IMDb Rating: 5.1
With the ratings dropping for a wilderness-themed TV show, two animal fans go to the Andes in search of Bigfoot.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Fred Wolf -- The Director 4455No
Steve Zahn 4152No
Allen Covert 4455No
Jonah Hill 2536No
Kevin Heffernan 4052No
Ashley Scott 3142No
Peter Dante 4051No
Harry Hamlin 5768No
Robert Patrick 5061No
Joe Don Baker 7284No
Blake Clark 6274No
Justin Long 3042No
Jeff Garlin 4658No
Ernest Borgnine 91Would've been 103In 2012-07-08 (age 95)
Jake Abel 2132No
Kevin Alejandro 3244No