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Tale of Two Sisters
Released: 1989
Director: Adam Rifkin
IMDb Rating: 2.4
Two sisters reunite after not having seen each other for five years. While catching up on each others' lives, they relive childhood experiences, both good and Bad
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Adam Rifkin -- The Director 2355No
Claudia Christian 2455No
Valerie Breiman Unknown--
Brian Belknap Unknown--
Peter Berg 2557No
Jeff Conaway 39Would've been 70In 2011-05-27 (age 60)
Dee Coppola Unknown--
Samantha Culp 739No
Tom Hodges 2456No
Laurianne Jameson 4072No
Sydney Lassick 67Would've been 99In 2003-04-12 (age 80)
Robert Munic 2153No
Charlie Sheen 2455No
Danielle von Zerneck 2455No