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The Animatrix
Released: 2003
Director: Peter Chung
IMDb Rating: 7.3
The Animatrix is a collection of several animated short films, detailing the backstory of the "Matrix" universe, and the original war between man and machines which led to the creation of the Matrix.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Peter Chung -- The Director Unknown--
Akio Ohtsuka 4462No
Clayton Watson 2644No
Pamela Adlon 3755No
Hedy Burress 3048No
Terrence 'T.C.' Carson Unknown--
Melinda Clarke 3452No
Olivia d'Abo Unknown--
Dane A. Davis Unknown--
William R. Dean Unknown--
John DeMita 4463No
Debi Derryberry 3654No
John DiMaggio 3553No
Alex Fernandez 3654No
Jack Fletcher 82Would've been 100In 1990-02-15 (age 68)
Julia Fletcher Unknown--