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The Big Cage
Released: 1933
Director: Kurt Neumann
IMDb Rating: 6.9
A circus on the verge of bankruptcy decides to save itself by staging a animal act with Lions and Tigers for the first time.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Kurt Neumann -- The Director 25Would've been 112In 1958-08-21 (age 50)
Clyde Beatty 30Would've been 116In 1965-07-19 (age 62)
Anita Page 23Would've been 109In 2008-09-06 (age 98)
Andy Devine 28Would've been 114In 1977-02-18 (age 71)
Vince Barnett 31Would've been 117In 1977-08-10 (age 75)
Raymond Hatton 46Would've been 132In 1971-10-21 (age 84)
Wallace Ford 35Would've been 122In 1966-06-11 (age 68)
Mickey Rooney 1399No
Reginald Barlow 67Would've been 153In 1943-07-06 (age 77)
Edward Peil Sr. 50Would've been 137In 1958-12-29 (age 75)
Robert McWade 61Would've been 148In 1938-01-19 (age 66)
Wilfred Lucas 62Would've been 149In 1940-12-05 (age 69)
James Durkin 54Would've been 140In 1934-03-12 (age 54)