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The Bourne Supremacy
Released: 2004
Director: Paul Greengrass
IMDb Rating: 7.7
When Jason Bourne is framed for a botched CIA operation he is forced to take up his former life as a trained assassin to survive.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Paul Greengrass -- The Director 4966No
Matt Damon 3451No
Franka Potente 3047No
Brian Cox 5875No
Julia Stiles 2340No
Karl Urban 3249No
Gabriel Mann 3249No
Joan Allen 4865No
Marton Csokas 3855No
Tom Gallop Unknown--
John Bedford Lloyd 4865No
Ethan Sandler 3248No
Michelle Monaghan 2845No
Karel Roden 4259No
Tomas Arana 4966No
Oksana Akinshina 1734No