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The County Chairman
Released: 1935
Director: John G. Blystone
IMDb Rating: 6.8
Based on George Ade's play which, in part, was based on an incident in a 1902 election in Wyoming...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
John G. Blystone -- The Director Unknown--
Will Rogers 56Would've been 142In 1935-08-15 (age 55)
Evelyn Venable 22Would've been 108In 1993-11-15 (age 80)
Kent Taylor 28Would've been 114In 1987-04-11 (age 79)
Louise Dresser 57Would've been 143In 1965-04-24 (age 86)
Mickey Rooney 15101No
Berton Churchill 59Would've been 144In 1940-10-10 (age 63)
Frank Melton 28Would've been 113In 1951-03-19 (age 43)
Robert McWade 63Would've been 149In 1938-01-19 (age 66)
Russell Simpson 58Would've been 144In 1959-12-12 (age 82)
William V. Mong 60Would've been 146In 1940-12-10 (age 65)
Jan Duggan 54Would've been 140In 1977-03-10 (age 95)
Gay Seabrook 34Would've been 120In 1970-04-18 (age 69)
Charles Middleton 61Would've been 147In 1949-04-22 (age 74)
Erville Alderson 53Would've been 139In 1957-08-04 (age 74)
Stepin Fetchit 33Would've been 119In 1985-11-19 (age 83)