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The Devil Is a Sissy
Released: 1936
Director: W.S. Van Dyke
IMDb Rating: 6.5
A well-bred young English lad living in lower Manhattan tries to gain acceptance from his not-so-well-bred peers at school.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
W.S. Van Dyke -- The Director Unknown--
Freddie Bartholomew 12Would've been 96In 1992-01-23 (age 67)
Jackie Cooper 14Would've been 97In 2011-05-03 (age 88)
Mickey Rooney 1699No
Ian Hunter 36Would've been 119In 1975-09-23 (age 75)
Peggy Conklin 30Would've been 113In 2003-03-18 (age 96)
Katharine Alexander 38Would've been 121In 1981-01-10 (age 82)
Gene Lockhart 45Would've been 128In 1957-03-31 (age 65)
Kathleen Lockhart 42Would've been 125In 1978-02-17 (age 83)
Jonathan Hale 45Would've been 129In 1966-02-28 (age 74)
Etienne Girardot 80Would've been 164In 1939-11-10 (age 83)
Sherwood Bailey 13Would've been 96In 1987-08-06 (age 64)
Buster Slaven 14Would've been 97In 2009-06-27 (age 86)
Grant Mitchell 62Would've been 145In 1957-05-01 (age 82)
Harold Huber 27Would've been 110In 1959-09-29 (age 49)
Stanley Fields 53Would've been 136In 1941-04-23 (age 57)