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The Diary of a Chambermaid
Released: 1946
Director: Jean Renoir
IMDb Rating: 6.8
Celestine, the chambermaid, has a new job in the country, at the Lanlaires. She has decided to use her beauty to seduce a wealthy man...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Jean Renoir -- The Director 52Would've been 127In 1979-02-12 (age 84)
Paulette Goddard 36Would've been 111In 1990-04-23 (age 79)
Burgess Meredith 39Would've been 113In 1997-09-09 (age 89)
Hurd Hatfield 29Would've been 103In 1998-12-26 (age 81)
Francis Lederer 47Would've been 121In 2000-05-25 (age 100)
Judith Anderson 49Would've been 124In 1992-01-03 (age 94)
Florence Bates 58Would've been 133In 1954-01-31 (age 65)
Irene Ryan 44Would've been 118In 1973-04-26 (age 70)
Reginald Owen 59Would've been 134In 1972-11-05 (age 85)
Almira Sessions 58Would've been 133In 1974-08-03 (age 85)