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The Man Who Loved Women
Released: 1983
Director: Blake Edwards
IMDb Rating: 5
This is the tale of a sculptor named David who has a major womanizing problem. He goes to seek help from a psychiatrist...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Blake Edwards -- The Director 61Would've been 99In 2010-12-15 (age 88)
François Truffaut Unknown--
Burt Reynolds 4785No
Charles Denner 57Would've been 95In 1995-09-10 (age 69)
Brigitte Fossey 3775No
Julie Andrews 4886No
Nelly Borgeaud 52Would've been 89In 2004-07-14 (age 72)
Kim Basinger 3067No
Geneviève Fontanel Unknown--
Marilu Henner 3169No
Cynthia Sikes 2967No
Jennifer Edwards 2664No
Sela Ward 2765No
Ellen Bauer Unknown--
Denise Crosby 2663No
Tracy Vaccaro 2159No
Barry Corbin 4381No
Ben Powers 3472No
Shelly Manne 63Would've been 101In 1984-09-26 (age 64)
Don Menza 4785No
Jimmy Rowles 65Would've been 103In 1996-05-28 (age 77)