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The Mosquito Coast
Released: 1986
Director: Peter Weir
IMDb Rating: 6.6
An eccentric and dogmatic inventor sells his house and takes his family to Central America to build an ice factory in the middle of the jungle...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Peter Weir -- The Director 4275No
Harrison Ford 4477No
Helen Mirren 4174No
River Phoenix 16Would've been 49In 1993-10-31 (age 23)
Conrad Roberts Unknown--
Andre Gregory 5285No
Martha Plimpton 1649No
Dick O'Neill 58Would've been 91In 1998-11-17 (age 70)
Jadrien Steele 1245No
Michael Rogers Unknown--
Hilary Gordon Unknown--
Rebecca Gordon Unknown--
Jason Alexander 2760No
Alice Heffernan-Sneed Unknown--
Tiger Haynes 79Would've been 112In 1994-02-15 (age 86)
William Newman 5285No