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The Shooting Party
Released: 1985
Director: Alan Bridges
IMDb Rating: 6.9
While Europe stands on the brink of a World War in Autumn 1913, Sir Randolph Nettleby hosts a weekend of shooting on his estate for European aristocrats.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Alan Bridges -- The Director 5893No
James Mason 76Would've been 111In 1984-07-27 (age 75)
Edward Fox 4883No
Dorothy Tutin 55Would've been 90In 2001-08-06 (age 71)
John Gielgud 81Would've been 116In 2000-05-21 (age 96)
Gordon Jackson 62Would've been 96In 1990-01-15 (age 66)
Cheryl Campbell 3671No
Robert Hardy 6095No
Aharon Ipalé 3468No
Joris Stuyck 3368No
Rebecca Saire 2257No
Sarah Badel 4277No
Rupert Frazer 3873No
Judi Bowker 3166No
John J. Carney Unknown--
Ann Castle Unknown--