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Tin Men
Released: 1987
Director: Barry Levinson
IMDb Rating: 6.4
A minor car accident drives two rival aluminum-siding salesmen to the ridiculous extremes of man versus man in 1963 Baltimore.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Barry Levinson -- The Director 4579No
Richard Dreyfuss 4074No
Danny DeVito 4376No
Barbara Hershey 3973No
John Mahoney 4781No
Jackie Gayle 61Would've been 95In 2002-11-23 (age 76)
Stanley Brock 56Would've been 90In 1991-01-25 (age 59)
Seymour Cassel 5286No
Bruno Kirby 38Would've been 72In 2006-08-14 (age 57)
J.T. Walsh Unknown--
Richard Portnow Unknown--
Matt Craven 3164No
Alan Blumenfeld Unknown--
Brad Sullivan 56Would've been 89In 2008-12-31 (age 77)
Michael Tucker 4276No
Deirdre O'Connell Unknown--