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True Lies
Released: 1994
Director: James Cameron
IMDb Rating: 7.2
Harry Tasker is a secret agent for the United States Government. For years, he has kept his job from his wife, but is forced to reveal his identity and try to stop nuclear terrorists when he and his wife are kidnapped by the terrorists.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
James Cameron -- The Director 4065No
Arnold Schwarzenegger 4772No
Jamie Lee Curtis 3661No
Tom Arnold 3561No
Bill Paxton 3965No
Tia Carrere 2753No
Art Malik 4267No
Eliza Dushku 1439No
Grant Heslov 2955No
Charlton Heston 71Would've been 96In 2008-04-05 (age 84)
Marshall Manesh 4469No
James Allen Unknown--
Dieter Rauter 2550No
Jane Morris Unknown--
Katsy Chappell Unknown--
Crystina Wyler Unknown--