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Waiting for Guffman
Released: 1996
Director: Christopher Guest
IMDb Rating: 7.4
An aspiring director and the marginally-talented amateur cast of a hokey small-town Missouri musical production go overboard when they learn that someone from Broadway will be in attendance.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Christopher Guest -- The Director 4872No
Deborah Theaker 3256No
Michael Hitchcock 3861No
Scott Williamson Unknown--
Larry Miller 4366No
Don Lake 4063No
Christopher Guest 4872No
Fred Willard 5780No
Catherine O'Hara 4266No
Parker Posey 2851No
David Cross 3256No
Eugene Levy 5073No
James McQueen Unknown--
Turk Pipkin Unknown--
Jerry Turman Unknown--
Bob Balaban 5174No