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Released: 1987
Director: Emilio Estevez
IMDb Rating: 5.2
Unable to find work after a past felony, graduate John Wisdom and his girlfriend (Moore) embark on a...
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Emilio Estevez -- The Director 2559No
Demi Moore 2558No
Emilio Estevez 2559No
Tom Skerritt 5488No
Veronica Cartwright 3872No
William Allen Young 3367No
Richard Minchenberg Unknown--
Ernie Lively 4074No
Bill Henderson 6195No
Gene Ross 5791No
Liam Sullivan 64Would've been 98In 1998-04-19 (age 74)
Charlie Sheen 2256No
Hal Fishman 56Would've been 90In 2007-08-07 (age 76)
Chuck Henry 4175No
Nicholas Shields Unknown--
Barbara Stamm Unknown--