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Wonder Boys
Released: 2000
Director: Curtis Hanson
IMDb Rating: 7.4
An English Professor tries to deal with his wife leaving him, the arrival of his editor who has been waiting for his book for seven years, and the various problems that his friends and associates involve him in.
ActorAge thenAge nowDied?
Curtis Hanson -- The Director 5575No
Michael Douglas 5675No
Tobey Maguire 2545No
Frances McDormand 4363No
Robert Downey Jr. 3555No
Katie Holmes 2241No
Rip Torn 6989No
Richard Knox Unknown--
Jane Adams 3555No
Michael Cavadias 3050No
Richard Thomas 4969No
Alan Tudyk 2949No
Philip Bosco 7089No
George Grizzard 72Would've been 92In 2007-10-02 (age 79)
Kelly Bishop 5676No
Bill Velin Unknown--